Rules of the Society

Rules of the Society

1. Name
The society is called the Society of Expert Witnesses, hereinafter the Society.

2. Aims and objects
2.1. The main object of the Society is to promote excellence in all aspects of the service provided by expert witnesses.
2.2. The Society aims to achieve its main object in the following manner:

2.2.1. by promoting training for expert witnesses and those aspiring to become expert witnesses.
2.2.2. by promoting the use of members of the Society by communicating the elevated standards of the Society to potential clients.
2.2.3. by assisting members in running their expert witness business by any suitable means.
2.2.4. by participating in any suitable activity that promotes the interests of the members of the Society.
2.2.5. by co-operating with any other body that is deemed to have a similar aim to that of the Society.

3. Eligibility for membership of the Society
3.1. There shall be two classes of membership of the Society.

Member – open to those with such qualification as shall be determined by the Committee of Management on recommendation from the Membership Sub-Committee, and with full voting rights.

Fellow – open to those with such qualification as shall be determined by the Committee of Management on recommendation from the Membership Sub-Committee, and with full voting rights.

In addition, Associate status shall be open to all with no pre-qualification but excluded from voting.

4. Entry into membership
Upon receipt of a completed application form and payment of the first subscription, the Membership Sub-Committee shall recommend the appropriate level of membership to the Committee of Management for approval. The Honorary Secretary shall notify a new member of his/her class of membership following the acceptance of such member’s application for membership by the Committee of Management and shall forward to such member a copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Society and these Rules.

5. Subscriptions
5.1 Subscriptions fall due for payment on the first day of the month in which a member’s application for membership is accepted and on the anniversary of that day.

5.2 If a member’s subscription has not been paid by the last day of the third month following the due date for payment, the membership of the defaulting member shall lapse, unless the Committee of Management decides there are exceptional circumstances.

5.3. The annual subscriptions for all classes of membership shall be determined annually by the Committee of Management.

5.4. Such annual subscriptions may be charged pro-rata for part years.

6. Resignation of membership
6.1. Any member may resign his/her membership at any time by giving the Honorary Secretary written notice of his/her intention so to do.

6.2. There is no entitlement to refund of subscriptions already paid.

7. Disciplinary expulsion from membership
7.1. Any member may be expelled from membership of the Society with no refund of annual subscription by a duly convened meeting of the Committee of Management for any activity deemed by the Committee of Management to be such as to bring the Society into disrepute.

7.2. Any such expelled member shall have the right of appeal, to be exercised by written request of the Honorary Secretary within 3 months of the communication to such a member of the Committee of Management’s decision, to an independent Tribunal chaired by a person qualified in law and consisting of at least two non-executive members of the Society, which shall have the power to reverse the decision of the Committee of Management to expel such a member or to confirm that such a decision of the Committee of Management shall stand.

8. Proceedings of the Committee of Management
8.1. At the first meeting of the Committee of Management following the annual general meeting its members shall appoint from their number a Chairman, First and Second Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and such other Honorary Officers as it deems necessary.

8.2. The Committee of Management shall meet at least four times a year to receive the report of its Honorary Secretary, arrange the affairs of the Society and examine its accounts.

8.3. The time and place of each meeting shall be fixed to suit the maximum number of its members and will be notified to all of them by the Honorary Secretary.

8.4. Five members (of whom at least one must be an Honorary Officer of the Society) constitute a quorum.

8.5. The Honorary Secretary shall arrange for minutes to be taken of all proceedings of the Committee of Management and make these available for inspection on written application by any Fellow or Member of the Society.

9. Financial year
The financial year of the Society ends on the last day of July in each year, to which day its accounts must be balanced.

10. Notices and members’ addresses
Every member shall give written notice to the Honorary Secretary of any change in his or her address.