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The Expert and the Courts

30 March 2001

Homerton College, Cambridge

Single Joint Expert: court expert or court jester?

Professor Geoffrey Beresford Hartwell, Consulting Engineer

The Debate: ‘the use of Single Joint Experts should not be confined to a small proportion of cases’

The Case Against: an expert’s view

John Curtis, Employment and Disability Specialist

The Case For: an expert’s view

Christopher Beresford Hartwell, Consulting Engineer

The Case Against: a barrister’s view

Richard Lord, Barrister

The Case For: a barrister’s view

S Clive Freedman, Barrister

Summing Up

Richard Salter, Barrister

Workshops: Giving Oral Evidence, the Experts’ Meeting

Open Forum


Autumn Conference

12 October 2001

Hilton Hotel, Sheffield

The Effects of Human Rights Legislation

Rosslyn Lee, Barrister

The Nature of Professional Negligence

Alan Owens and David Body, Solicitors

How Unbiased can an Expert be?

Dr Nicky Hayes, Psychologist


Open Forum