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The Importance of Independence of Expert Witnesses

18 October 2002

Renaissance Hotel, Reading

Independence of Experts: a prerequisite for justice?

Marion Simmons QC

Sighted Justice: ethics of the Expert Witness in practice

Professor Geoffrey Beresford Hartwell, SEW Vice-Chairman, Consulting Engineer

Role of the Expert Bodies

Frazer Imrie, Forensic Biologist

Building a Culture of Independence in the Public Section: accreditation and representation

Alan Kershaw, Chief Executive, CRFP

Role of the Private Sector in Support of the Public Sector

Brian Thompson, Company Secretary of the Expert Witness Institute

Barrister’s View of Experts

Philip Newman, Vice-Chairman of the Academy of Experts, Barrister

What is an Expert? The Three I’s in Perspective

Professor Gordon Stirrat, Deputy Chairman, Academy of Experts

The Many Facets of ADR

Eur Ing Henry Rowson, Chairman of the IChemE’s Disputes Resolution Panel

Breaking Into Mediation

Andy Grossman, Director of the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR)

Role of the Mediator

Corbett Haselgrove-Spurin, course leader of the LLM in Commercial Dispute Resolution at the Law School University of Glamorgan

Practical Problems – Pragmatic Solutions

Guy Cottam, past Deputy Chairman and also Secretary of the Academy of Expert Witnesses

Open Forum