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Funding and Independence

16 May 2003

Haydock Park Racecourse

Quality Assurance of Expert Witness Organisations

Chris Hartwell, Electrical and Mechanical Engineer

Lessons from the Sally Clark Case

Mike Mackey, Criminal Lawyer, Burton Copeland Solicitors, member of the Sally Clark legal team

The Funding Crisis – An Expert’s Perspective

Kathleen Cox, Psychologist, Cox Associates

The Funding Crisis – A Lawyer’s Perspective

Jonathan Bennett, Solicitor Advocate, Grayson Willis Bennett Solicitors

Expert Shorts – Learning from Experience

Steve Hannaford, Chairman of the Academy of Experts; Alexander Cargill, Orthopaedic Surgeon; Graham Tow, Food Scientist

Open Forum


Successful Expert Practice and Self-promotion

17 October 2003

Aztec Hotel, Almondsbury, Bristol

Words and Ways to Gain and Retain your Clients

Jo Cox, Independent Marketing Consultant

What do Barristers and Judges want from an Expert?

Simon Morgan, Barrister and Deputy District Judge

A Solicitor’s Analysis of an Expert’s Report

Mark Rivers, Solicitor and Partner, Lyons Davidson, Bristol

Effective Dispute Resolution

David Wheeler, Solicitor and Mediator, Lyons Davidson, Bristol

Expert Shorts:

Bullying, Serendipity and Whistle-blowing

Edgar Gordon, General Dental Practitioner

Clarity, Communication and Contracts

Jenny Cotton, Marketing Consultant

The Voir Dire as ‘Trial within a Trial’, or Script Rehearsal for the Experts

Tom Birkin, Forensic and Clinical Psychologist