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Experts in the Spotlight

15 April, 2005

New Hall, Cambridge

Setting the Scene

Tom Magner, SEW Press Officer, Forensic Engineer

Session 1: All in the Mind

Awfully Simple or Simply Awful?

Charles Fortt, Consultant on Sexual Crimes and Domestic Violence

Session2: Unlocking the Secrets

What Type of Thinker are You?

Professor Craig Mahone, Behavioural Psychologist, University of Wolverhampton

Avoiding Pitfalls

Mark Rapley, Independent Forensic Psychologist

Session3: In the Limelight

What’s in a Story?

The Art of the Correspondent

Tom Magner, SEW Press Officer, Forensic Engineer

Session 4: Hold the Front Page

Smoke and Mirrors

Julie Cooper, Deputy District Judge

Caught in the Spotlight

Dr Nat Cary, Home Office Forensic Pathologist


Experts in Defence – of Clients or Themselves

21 October 2005

Chilworth Manor, Southampton

Session 1: Defence Work in the Civil Justice System

The Enemy at the Gates

Lea Brocklebank, Solicitor, Bond Pearce LLP

Competing Pressures on the Insurance Industry

Alex Murray, Insurance Consultant, FitzGerald Consulting

Session 2: The Death Knell for Expert Immunity

Negligence, Misconduct and Immunity

Jeremy Roussak, former Surgeon, now a specialist Clinical Negligence Barrister

Expert Exodus

Sir Graeme Catto, President of the General Medical Council (filmed)

Expert Expert Regulation

Alan Kershaw, Chief Executive, CRFP

Beating a Path

Richard Rawlins, Consultant Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon

In Good Faith

Tom Manger, Journalist, SEW Press Officer & Forensic Engineer

Open Forum