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Immunity and Certainty

6 October 2006

Studley Castle, Warwickshire

Session 1: Immunity: who should be the gatekeeper?

Dr Stephen Castell, Information Technolgy Consultant

Expert Witness immunity: history, principle and practice

Charles Foster, Barrister

Immunity: a personal view

Carol Moore, Chartered Psychologist

Proportionate Regulation: less is more

Alan Kershaw, Chief Executive of the CRFP

Session 2: Lessons from the Helpline

Richard Cory-Pearce, SEW Secretary, Consultant Surgeon

Session 3: Certainty – a Holy Grail for the court, anathema to the expert

The Society Debate

Dr Antony Anderson, Electrical Engineer; Julie Cooper, Solicitor & Deputy District Judge; Dr Simon Meller, Consultant Paediatric Oncologist; Bill O’Brian, Associate Professor, Warwick Law School; Lord Dick Taverne, House of Lords Science & Technology Select Committee