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The Regulation of Expert Witnesses

11 May 2007

London Marriott Maida Vale Hotel

Session 1: The Regulatory Landscape

Moderator: Bill O’Brian, Associate Professor, Warwick Law School

Plotting the Present

Tim Vogel, Experts Working Group, Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales

Dr Stephanie Bown, Director of Communications, Medical Protection Society

Jane O’Brien, Head of Standards & Ethics, General Medical Council

Adam Williamson, Manager, Adjudicator & Expert Witness, Royal Institute of British Architects

Into the Unknown

Neil Roarty, Past President, Institution of Automotive Engineers & Assessors

Graham Paterson, Manager, President’s List, Institution of Engineering & Technology

Keith Underhill, Trustee, Institute of Occupational Health & Safety

Session 2: Trends in Regulation

The Way Forward (with the above speakers)

Cases from the SEW Helpline

Richard Cory-Pearce, Surgeon & SEW Secretary

Session 3: The Regulatory Challenge

Moderator: Tom Magner, SEW Press Officer, Forensic Engineer

How Truly Independent can an Expert Be?

Panel members include:

Dr M E Jan Wise, Chair MBA Medico Legal Committee; Ted Allen, Senior Automotive Engineer; Carol Moore, Psychologist; Joseph Oppenheimer and Gabe, University of Bristol Innocence Project; Dr Evan Harris MP, Member, House of Commons Science & Technolgy Select Committee.
On film: Michael Mansfield QC, Barrister and Mr Justice Andrew Collins QC, Lead Judge of the Administrative Division of the High Court


Back to Basics

5 October 2007

Cranage Hall, Cheshire

Session 1: Setting up the Relationship

This session shows how a simple, stepwise approach to setting up each expert witness appointment prevents most problems and ensures the expert's position is safeguarded.

Session 2: The Report

There's been an explosion in the number of rules, directions, protocols and guides that apply to the form and structure of the expert's report and this session will provide ready access to them within the framework of what makes for a good report

Session 3: Meetings of Experts

This session will explain the background to the various provisions for meetings to be held and provide guidance on how to get the best out of them and how to deal with the common barriers to a productive meeting

Session 4: Conference with Counsel

Conference with counsel is an important opportunity to help ensure the partisan approach of the lawyers doesn't compromise the expert's ability to provide non-partisan, independent opinion testimony. This session explains what the barrister wants and how the expert's opinion can be protected from distortion.