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Trust and be Trusted

16 May 2008

Alexandra House, Wroughton, Nr Swindon

Session 1: As If By Magic

Speakers examine illusions that can threaten trust and a good working relationship:
Creating an impression - the need for a clear and accurate CV
Contaminating the evidence - safeguarding case material
Stills, lies and videotape - accuracy and impartiality in report writing

Session 2: Unwelcome Tricks of the Trade

Contributors focus on advanced ways in which the unwary expert witness, new or experienced, criminal or civil, can to caught out:
Confirmation bias - unreasonable reinforcement of expectations
The Prosecutor's Fallacy - inadvertently leading the court astray
False positives - lack of evidence doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Session 3: Crossing the Line

This session concentrates on maintaining trust and credibility by knowing where the boundary lies between lawyer and expert:
Experts win cases - the lawyer's perspective on selecting experts
Getting too involved - why reports need to reflect range of opinion
Balancing your ratios - being seen to be independent

Session 4: The Society Debate: Can experts be trusted?

Drawing together the themes of the day, a panel of leading speakers debate this key issue of practical expert impartiality in a Question Time format.


The Expert and Money: getting it right from the start

24 October 2008

Kenwood Hall, Sheffield

Session 1: There may be trouble ahead...

Tom Magner, SEW Press Officer, Journalist & Consulting Engineer
The expert, factoring and the bailiff

Session 2: Ways through the money maze

Julie Cooper, Deputy District Judge and Solicitor
The expert and the lawyer

Richard Cory-Pearce, SEW Secretary and Consultant Surgeon
The expert and the contract

Session 3: The finer points

Mark Barratt, SEW Member and accountant
The expert and the taxman

Tom Magner, SEW Press Officer, Journalist & Consulting Engineer
The expert and the banker

Session 4: The Society Debate

Return of the speakers to debate, in a Question Time format, the key issue: "Does payment by one side lead to one-sided experts?"